We provide interactive, personalised English instruction in the greatest city in the world!

About Us

Passionate Linguists

Rachael and Mike became friends in 2008 when we worked together at a Subtitling & Translation company in London. We love learning languages and believe that real learning takes place outside the classroom in an authentic natural environment.

Immersion learning

We embrace an immersion environment that combines interacting with your surroundings, while exposing you to real-life conversational British English! 

 The programme is designed so that you get maximum practice in Listening and Speaking English while visiting some of London's off-the beaten track places.  

Our Mission

To give you an opportunity to improve your English without even realising you are doing it! We provide you space to talk in English about topics you are passionate about rather than told you have to talk about. 

We offer you our experience as Qualified English Language trainers to correct any mistakes and help you sound more spontaneous and natural.

Who are we



Originally hailing from north-east Scotland, my torrid love affair with London began over 13 years ago when I moved here to work in subtitling and dubbing.  Many years later, I now tutor English, Italian and French and still find immense joy in this work. 

Like Mike, I am an unashamed grammarian and linguistics geek. I also love dance, yoga and singing, and very much enjoy incorporating these activities into language learning where possible! I’ll be the one organising karaoke, open mic poetry readings and spontaneous lindy hop classes as a way to really embody a language and culture.



I'm a Language geek. English trainer to various companies in London, I also teach Spanish & French.  I love the way we use Language to express ourselves, from humour to poetry and everything  in between.  Avid music fan, tennis & guitar player, I love exploring London for its indefatigable cultural diversity & ever- changing architecture. 

I love meeting visitors to London and showing them the city.  When i'm not teaching Languages, I also enjoy going on bike rides,  playing music with friends or walking parts of the Camino de Santiago. 

I look forward to meeting you! 

The experience


Learn the way you want to learn.  And explore London not as a tourist but through the eyes of locals.

We will spark your curiosity, awaken your discovery and engage your senses by taking you to museums, parks, canals, concert halls, and galleries.

As you progress through the London Language Experience, you will move beyond language learning to a way of being in English that empowers you to better understand yourself and others from within another cultural perspective.

What is immersion

An intensive Language training programme which is completely tailored to your needs. 

  • Specific skills in work such as  Presentations, Meetings, or communicating.
  • Introducing you where possible to British counterparts who work in the same industry
  • Aimed at Upper intermediate or Advanced learners of English

Make fast progress

We guarantee our teaching style will lead to both your improved understanding of English and your confidence using it at work

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